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The MVTSA competitions program trains our members, perfecting their technical/ artistic skills and presentation abilities. The two conferences throughout the year allow members to gain an abundance of competitive experience in both these areas. Members of MVTSA carry their skills outside of just TSA and school - they are more confident, innovative, successful individuals because of the experiences TSA provides.

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Participants (one team per chapter, one entry per team) demonstrate knowledge of mechanical and control systems by designing, fabricating, and controlling an animatronics device that will communicate, entertain, inform, demonstrate and/or illustrate a topic, idea, subject or concept. Sound, lights and a surrounding environment must accompany the device.

Architectural Renov.

Participants (one individual or team per chapter, one entry per individual or team) develop a set of architectural plans and related materials for an annual architectural design challenge and construct a physical, as well as a computer-generated model, to accurately depict their design.

Biotech Design

Participants (three teams of two to six individuals per state, one entry per team) select a contemporary biotechnology problem (that relates to the current year’s published area of focus) and demonstrate understanding of it through documented research, the development of a solution, a display, and an effective multimedia presentation.

Engineering Project

Participants (one team of three to five individuals per chapter, one entry per team) work to design and fabricate a device that will meet the specific needs of a person with a disability. Through use of a model/prototype, display, and portfolio, participants document and justify their identified problem and solution, as well as the solution’s impact on a member of their community and on society. Semifinalists justify and demonstrate their solution in a timed presentation.

Fashion Drafting

Participants (three teams of two to four individuals per state) research, develop, and create garment designs, garment mockups, and portfolios that reflect the current year’s published theme. Semifinalists participate in an on-site event in which they present their garment designs to judges.

Photographic Technology

Participants (one individual per chapter) capture and process photographic and digital prints that depict the current year’s published theme. Semifinalists participate in an on-site event in which they capture digital images and utilize multimedia software to prepare and develop a media presentation during the annual conference.

Full List

The full list can be found here: